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Robin grew up in the mountains of Santa Cruz, California with a paintbrush in hand. As the child of an artist, she was inspired to paint the world around her; many a tree frog, butterfly, and newt posed as reluctant subjects. When her family moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, Robin turned to the desert landscape for inspiration. She fell in love with acrylics as a medium as she captured juniper savannas and Rocky Mountain vistas on canvas, panel, scrap wood, cardboard, and whatever else she could experiment with. 
Now working as a wildlife biologist in field positions around the West, Robin combines her passion for the natural world with her love of painting. She finds landscape and still life studies everywhere she works, from the Oregon coast range to the New Mexican boot heel. Robin aims to imbue her art with the fluidity of color and shape that she finds in nature. She is fascinated by the ecology of an environment and her scientific background informs her composition and style. 
She works primarily in acrylic but regularly uses watercolor and pen and ink to study a particular object or landscape. You can contact Robin using the 'Contact Artist' link on this site. 

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