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As a child, I enjoyed art and loved to explore the creative process. I realized early on that I had a great passion for drawing and painting. The natural world was my main inspiration and continues to fuel my creative outlets in fine art, children's Illustration and animation. I believe that creating art connects me to the mysteries and magic of nature, both inwardly and outwardly.The pastel medium has a delicate quality of softness that allows for texture, richness of light and color, and complexity of detail. Catching the details of an animalís eyes, or the sinuous twisting of the trunk of a tree, or the light, shape and colors of a landscape, is what drew me to this medium. Pastel compliments the natural world beautifully. Every painting has a unique story that I communicate to the viewer. I try to encapsulate the lived experiences of my animal subjects and to project what they are feeling. With landscape, I want the viewer to sense both timelessness and continual change. With floral still life, it is the fleeting, delicate and sumptuous moment of blossoming that I want to capture. My goal as an artist is to show the viewer the harmony and interconnectedness of all things. I want the viewer to stand at the pivotal point where the human, animal and natural worlds meet and interact through art.Besides being an artist, I have had a long and varied career in the medical field as a nurse.I will continue to forge ahead, exploring new and exciting pathways in my paintings.Thank you for viewing my work and please check back soon to see my current works!Robin

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