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Born 1988 in Richmond Hill, ON, Canada
Lives and works in Toronto, ON
Strickland’s formal fine art education began at Sheridan College, where he immersed himself in the foundations of painting, colour theory, draftsmanship and design, all of which have become the heart of his art. Seeking a diverse avenue to further his practice, Strickland worked under the tutelage of well respected American realist painters. Building upon these experiences have enabled Strickland to deepen his artistic expression as an observer and story teller of the here and now.  
Robert Strickland has received numerous accolades for his artwork and has had the opportunity to exhibit his works in Canada, United States and China. 
Artist Statement
The figures in the urban landscape straddle both the strong traditions of realism and impressionism, while telling stories that are contemporary and relevant. Focusing on millennials and the vibrancy of current urban cultures through the lens of architecture, technology, fashion and people, I capture the here and now of American impressions. Social dynamics are rapidly changing and our identities continually evolving. My work documents moments in time, snapshots of our society, each sparking conversations surrounding multiple identities that co-exist in the 21st century. While paying homage to the deep and rich history of representational art, I step beyond capturing reality. Every brushstroke is a conscious thought that weaves together a narrative, revitalizing the very human element of storytelling (a tradition sparsely present in the mechanized artistic processes of the 21st century). These stories through my paintings give insight into another person, every painting is a study of the people around me. These works connect us to wider concepts of virtue, beauty, appreciation and acceptance. My art breathes new life into the representational art genre, not as an archaic style, but rather one that has a distinguished voice in today’s contemporary world.

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