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Artist Statement
My artist statement,
 has changed over the years as my interest and perspective on life has changed. 
Being a painter, dealing with two dimensional surfaces spark my aspirations to explore different mediums and their attributes. This exploration has lead me to think more creatively about ideas in communicating an expression or deep feeling about any given subject matter that I respond to with paint or other painterly mediums and materials. The process or act of painting is a personal experience as for many painters, and is a self absorbed occupation where this creative process is very rewarding for my soul and spirit. Perhaps some art I create will invoke, inspire, or simply present a question, where the viewers imagination will engage and capture an emotion only known to that viewer personally.
This personal connection is truly a gift.


Robert Spannring, a Montanan native, has been a fine Artist for 30 years. During the first twenty years Robert worked as an illustrator and watercolorist, developing his skills in drawing and painting.
1984-1986, working for Russell Chatham, provided Robert the opportunity to watch and learn different techniques in the painting profession.
1987 – 1992 Robert became the "Artist in Residence" at Lake Hotel, after being awarded the contract to produce all the artwork for the Hotel renovation of which his work still hangs today in Yellowstone National Park.
1992 – 2007 Robert focused on Illustration projects for different organizations, a founding member of the Greater Yellowstone Coalition, which is to preserve and identify the environmental needs of the area. Robert has worked for the Museum of the Rockies, National Forest Service, Montana Dept of Parks and Wildlife, Defenders of Wildlife, Boone and Crockett Club, and many other groups.
2005-2007 Robert begin developing the Museum Exhibit “DOWNSTREAM” , a narrative multi-media show that used three elements; paintings, poems and sculpture, to describe a journey in time, from our past to present, exploring the concept of what we hold sacred and how that relates to our land and rivers.
Summer 2006, “DOWNSTREAM” exhibit at the Livingston Depot Museum. Livingston, Montana
Winter 2007, “DOWNSTREAM” exhibit at the Art Center, Lewistown, Montana
Fall 2007, “DOWNSTREAM” exhibit at the Art and Western Heritage Center, Miles City Montana
2003-2011 Robert has focusing on painting in Oils and Mixed Mediums. Primarily Montana and Yellowstone Landscapes.
Robert has studied under Scott Christensen, Kim English, Tu Xiang.
Recent Art Venues
2012 CMRussell Live Art Auction, Great Falls, MT
2012 Yellowstone Art Museum Live Auction, Billings, MT
2012 Missoula Art Museum Silent Auction, Missoula MT
Recent Exhibits
2008 “Reflections” Danforth Community Art Gallery, Livingston, Montana 2009-2011 Plein Aire Exhibits at Livingston Center for Arts and Culture2011 "Music and Mountains" Livingston Center for Arts and Culture

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