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Imaginative artist, emerging from the 9-5 routine, has found passion through acrylics painting landscapes, vacation vistas and portraits of family pets on canvas.
I began drawing in elementary school, took a few art classes in college, but seriously began painting in earnest after retiring from the business world.  
As a lifelong owner and lover of dogs, I enjoy capturing the personality of someone’s four-legged family member that also becomes a tribute to their loyal friend.
I am an avid photographer and love shooting natural landscapes and unique perspectives of buildings, boulevards, alleys and architectural features others may not notice.  I have created paintings from some of my favorite photographs.
I also enjoy painting scenes and settings of vacation vistas including views of Lake Superior, Up North cabin retreats, and lakeside family gathering spots.  My hope is when the viewer looks at the painting, it recaptures fond memories of the times spent there.
I work from photographs to create my paintings.  I paint in acrylic and can create your image in many different sizes.  

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