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I turned 67 years of age in April of 2020. My studio is in the basement of a brick row house three blocks from the Virginia Museum Of Fine Art in the Museum District of Richmond, Va.  I graduated in spite of myself from Randolph-Macon College in 1975 with a degree in Biology. This approach led me to learn to sing, play guitar, and write songs, then take a motorcycle journey across the United States. I won't bore you with the voluminous events of a truly interesting life, but let's just say I managed to stay out of trouble.  As one might expect I picked up a few bad habits along the way, such as rarely making my bed. On the other hand, the discipline I've shown brushing my teeth regularly is astonishing.
 I appear to be ruled by a minority 25% Italian heritage, which explains a great deal about my approach to life, my appreciation for Italian clothing and shoes, Italian yacht design, pasta, wine, family, mama, and Sinatra.
In a bold foreshadowing of my destiny, while in diapers I managed to paint the chrome bumpers and doors of my father's new 1954 Chevrolet Bel-Air Sport Coupe with the dirty house-painting brushes soaking in coffee cans by the side of the house when my mother trustingly took her eyes off of me for several moments. Luckily, my father was at work, and my mother, knowing that my days on this Earth were limited if she didn't get me cleaned up and asleep before he arrived home, saved me from my alternative fate. 
Like many artists, I am self-taught, and like many artists of my generation, when I was a young boy I was given the iconic art starter set of Jon Gnagy with which I tried to learn how everything in the world [...]

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