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Originally from Detroit, self-taught artist Robert Scudder has lived and worked in Emmet County, Michigan, for more than 50 years. With apparent artistic talent surfacing in his youth, Robert was encouraged by two high school art teachers to pursue a career in painting, and after graduating, he moved north in the late 1960s to work as a full-time artist. As it would turn out, life, however, interfered, setting Robert on a different path, albeit a creative one. 
In 1974, Robert started Sign & Design, an outdoor advertising business that he owned for 40 years. During those four decades, he ran a successful business, raised a family, and kept his passion for painting simmering on the back burner. Robert retired in 2014, and now he devotes his days to his art, whether it be painting, teaching, taking workshops, drawing, or doing research - thus fulfilling his youthful goal of becoming a full-time artist.
An active member of the Petoskey area community, Robert can be found furthering his artistic pursuits in a multitude of ways: taking figure drawing classes, attending lectures, volunteering, and participating in exhibitions throughout Northern Michigan. 
Predominately a representational artist, Robert has recently begun exploring a contemporary approach using realistic subjects. His goal is to generate works with a clean and minimalist style, keeping his compositions free of extraneous information. Most of his paintings are oil on canvas, which Robert produces from reference photos and drawings in his studio. 
Robert is a current member of Crooked Tree Arts Center’s Artist Guild and is the current Northern Michigan ambassador for the Portrait Society of America. He is also an Associate Member of Oil Painters of America, and his work has been accepted into regional and national exhibitions. 
Current Member of;
Crooked Tree Arts Center
Jordan River Arts Council
Charlevoix Circle of Arts
Oil Painters of America (associate member)
Portrait Society of [...]

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