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Artist – Fine Art Paintings & Ceramics

Robert’s art is collected by corporate and private collectors throughout the US and the world, including: Boeing Corporation, Trump Tower, Hewlett Packard, IBM London, Nordstrom, Citicorp, Swedish Hospital, Westin Hotels, and Sheraton Hotels.

1975 - 1976         Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, Missouri BFA
1974 – 1975         Peninsula College, Port Angeles, Washington Majoring in Art and Science
1972 –1973         Western Washington University, Bellingham, Washington
Healing Power Of Color
Each individual color elicits a specific vibration that may have a profound effect on the emotions, mood, and health of the person who is viewing the color. By placing many colors together the power of this effect is enhanced much like a symphony is many times more powerful than a single note.
As I paint, I am selecting colors that create a Healing Visual Environment of: Beauty, Joy, Power, Refinement, Sensuality, Transcendence, Serenity, and Delight.
Colors and the Attributes:
Bright Red: Strength, Power, Action
Pink: Love, Soft, Gentle
Green: Healing, Nurturing, Creation
Violet: Passion, Romance, Sensuality
Purple: Royalty, Strength, Dignity
Blue: Healing, Cooling, Life
Gold: Wealth, Abundance, Strength
Yellow: Joy, Lightness, Life Giving Light
Orange: Happiness, Fulfillment, Warm Love
Translucent Violet: Enlightenment, Wisdom, Knowledge

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