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My ongoing and greatest challenge is that of bridging the gap between photography and painting.  My hope is to create beautiful works of art that reflect a variety of color, composition and expression.
The word 'beauty' means different things to different people, yet I believe the feeling we feel when we encounter it is pretty much the same for all of us.  I seek to awaken that feeling in myself and others and so encourage the viewer the let their imaginations run with the same wild abandon that was there when long ago they lay on their backs looking skyward searching for castles among the clouds...

Born in Eastern Washington, Robert is a self-taught artist who grew up in 1950's Seattle.  He has worked as an electronic technician, a laborer, bar tender, main-frame computer technician and lastly programmer and systems analyst before his retirement--loved the outdoor laboring jobs best of all.  His interest in art first arose in his mid-twenties upon his return to the U.S. after spending some time in Europe and the Middle-East.
For the next 15 years he painted with a passion, producing works using air brush, pastels, oil pastels, gauche, watercolors, inks and other media.  As the years passed his passion and need to paint diminished but his love of art of every sort never has.  In 1989 he destroyed all of his remaining art work in an attempt to break with the past and spend more time studying religion, theology, philosophy and whatever else popped into his head.
It therefore [...]

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