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The Artist Says:

 I like dogs, children and artist that excited by what they do. If you have to explain your art, you have failed as an artist. No amount of words will make bad art good. If you haven't communicated what you intended, it is not the viewers fault. You can see from my self portrait that i am an over weight grumpy and opinionated old man. 


A graduate of Auburn University with Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.  Robert started painting portraits after 40 years in advertising and Illustration. His home is in the magical city of New Orleans. At first he only painted portraits of people, but one day when he was visiting the local Dog Park with his loyal and beloved Pomeranian mix, Foxy he met an interesting older woman who asked if would paint her dog, Callie. At first he wasn't sure if he wanted to paint portraits of animals, but the woman was so nice he couldn't refuse. Little did her realize that Callie would become the first of dozens of commissioned pet portraits. 

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