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Roberto Ugalde is an adept oil painter who expresses the essence of his subjects in a way that draws the viewer into the painting. He masters the use of oils in an impressionistic manner which breaths life to his landscapes and figures.
Roberto Ugalde was born in Queretaro, Mexico. He loved to draw and paint since a boy; his love for art guided him to study at the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes INBA. in Queretaro Mexico. He was classically trained with old masters technique.
Roberto excels his use of oil in an impressionistic manner applied mostly with palette knife with brilliant and heavy paint strokes, however, his new direction finds him experimenting with liquid industrial oil paint dropped in an horizontal board and manipulating the color to mixed them and control the shapes of his subjects he navigates from impressionistic landscapes to abstract landscapes.
Roberto's art breaks up stale preconceptions and banality. His paintings explode like the Big Bang, some from the center out, some in dense grids of trees. He opens inner or outer dimensions previously unexperienced before coming upon a piece of his work.He began showing and selling his work through commissions and galleries in Mexico and the United States In 1994 he emigrated to the United States 
- Southwest Gallery Dallas, TX.                    
- Heritage Fine Art, Taos, NM.
- Anticus Fine Art , Scottsdale AZ. 
- The Adobe Fine Art, Ruidoso, NM.
- Your Private Collection Art Gallery, Granbury,  TX.                                                                                
- Michael McCormick gallery, July 2016.
- Southwest galleries, Dallas, TX. April 2018
- Anticus Fine art, Scottsdale 2019
- Your [...]

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