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  • FASO Artist Website: http://www.robertmckayart.com

  • Year Born: N/A

  • Price Range: $75.00 - $7,000.00
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Robert strives to capture the animated spirit of the figure and landscape through a painterly approach.  "I endeavor to capture the breathing essence of my subjects.  Although I work from image/photo reference as well as from life, studies from life are a critical part of my work in seeking beauty, harmony, order and truth in nature."
His influences are the classic illustrator/painters; especially those who designed with lush, broad strokes of value and color such as Dean Cornwell, Tom Lovell, Haddon Sundblom, Gil Elvgren and Pino.  He also looks to the painting legends Frans Hals, Joaquin Sorolla, John Singer Sargent and Emile Gruppe for their descriptive, lucid brushwork.
As an experienced illustrator/painter, and holding an advanced degree in studio art/illustration, Robert taught drawing, painting, design, illustration, figure and landscape classes, for years at the secondary and college/university levels.  In addition to art, Robert taught Spanish and is fluent in the language.
He is also a musician, having played in a variety of bands.  Currently, he continues to draw and paint with his artist wife, and practices his instruments.
Robert's fine art and narrative illustration works exhibit in private and public collections, book and international magazine publications.

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