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Robert has been part of the diverse metro New York and New Jersey art scene since graduating college with a degree in art.  As a visual artist, he studied painting at the Art Students League and The National Academy of Design in NYC.  He joined Pro Arts Jersey City an association of artists in the NY/NJ metro area.  He exhibited work in Pro Arts projects, including JCAST and Windows on Columbus, as well as at other exhibitions, galleries, and venues in the NY/NJ metro area and beyond beginning in the early 2000s.  As a performing artist, he was a member of the Charles Weidman Theater Dance Company in NYC.  He later served on the Board of Directors of The Charles Weidman Dance Foundation, Inc. as a member and president.  His other dance associations include the Mimi Garrard Dance Company and the Jan Wodynski Dance Company.  He toured nationally with both the Charles Weidman and Mimi Garrard companies.
I’m distressed by the increasingly complex and degenerating interactions of people and societies, and the effect that that will have on our societal systems and institutions around the world.  It is my view that societal disarray and disintegration will lead to a chaotic future if we are unable or unwilling to address the current sad state of our human and environmental conditions. The expression of this in my work is through images of the face - the focal point of who we are as individuals and collectively as humankind.  Each face represents the impact societal collapse has on the individual as well as on humanity.
My current images are created when I download an appropriate face from the internet.  I digitally create my file from the existing file, print it on paper, cut or tear the print, mount the pieces on paper and add acrylic [...]

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