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For Pleasure or for Purpose.  The lure of the song of the Sirens beckens within the side of us that seeks pleasure, but behind the call lies purpose.  Is it for the artist to decide that he will offer his rendering to satisfy the sangrine desires of society, or shall it also include a record in some form of where we have been, who we are or where we are going.  Before phonetics we had Homer, in the time of the Greeks we had the great philisophers that grappled with the concept of purpose, from Biblical times we had The Word, in renesaunce times we had the great Art masters, and each presented a transcription for our reference.  
Does the Titanic speak to the toil of the man who bucked the rivet in the skin of this vessel, or the societal feud of the day, does it juxtapose pure oppulence agaist fate and destiny.  Does Springboard place you into the infancy of American Industrialization, post Civil War western expansion in the time of rail and steam.  Does the Pennsylvania Riverboat move you to Mark Twains deep south in the time of the Gilded age.

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