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I love to draw, paint, and sculpt.  I have all my life. I've done other things in other places, but always as an image-maker.  I was encouraged from the beginning.  Wonderful education has been given to me whenever I looked for it. 
What happens when you keep looking?  I'm easily distracted and often forget, but when I remember to "keep looking", everything changes. What I thought was ‘ordinary' can suddenly become wonderfully new and fascinating. The deepest insights I've ever experienced are things I missed at first glance.  Abstract 'ideal forms' hold little appeal for me.  It's the particulars and seeing them unfold.
Every culture has a name for this unfolding.  My favorite is Hopi  "I see beauty to the right of me, beauty to my left Beauty before me, beauty behind Beauty above me, beauty below I see beauty all around me I am on the Pollen Path" That leads me to ‘Keep Looking’ as an Act of Recovery, an eternal Way of Art, and a good Rule of Life
That’s why I often draw, paint and sculpt the same things.  To keep looking--keep seeing--keep paying attention, is to follow a path into a more intimate relationship, peering deeper and deeper into the shining heart of everything.  And be astonished to realize it loves me back.
Recovery from TBI since 2007 has been about finding ways to regain some influence with heart, brain, and hand.  It takes many kinds of  learning and a lot of effort to understand the why's and the how's to adapt and manage and regulate ourselves.  There's a lot to know about how to help, and how to avoid doing harm to others & ourselves.
Along the way the goal sustaining me has been to share what I have learned with you fellow travelers as we work our way down [...]

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