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I'm always interested in finding new ways that the arts and the sciences are linked. Two colossal figures from each discipline sharing a common theme below.
“My business is to paint what I see, not what I know is there.” ~J. M. W. Turner
"A man should look for what is. Not what he thinks should be there". ~A. Einstein


    Like most artists I live below the poverty line.  Iím talking Ray Charles type of broke. It can be embarrassing in fact.  But I don't resent being dirt poor with no hope of it ever getting better.  I see it as my cross to bear. The burden of my responsibility. I see it as a counter balance in my life.  It's the cover charge for admission into the only show on earth. I think, "If all of my problems in life are money related, then my problems aren't much to complain about."  I understand that where I am is the result of the accumulated decisions I've made. That and the random events that can happen in life of course. I don't have many things and the things I do have are falling apart.  But I don't mind that either. I've measured my worth as a human being and discovered that I would like to offer something to the world instead of always take from it.
    Iím offering something that is meaningful, beautiful, inspiring and even transformative.  This is a stated goal of mine and it now defines who I am and I am proud of that. I used to stick my head in the sand and refused to "put on the shoes of my father."  I rejected my proffered role. But now I don't mind that I'm someone who will almost certainly die flat broke and feel lonely in, depressed by, and frustrated with the world.   Because I am sublimely indemnified by being gifted with the ability to see beauty and meaning in so much of what I find. I've gotten more and more comfortable with my apparent responsibility to SHARE the vision.  Where in the past, [...]

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