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I grew up in a small suburb of Chicago during the mid sixties and seventies, where I spent much of my time outdoors. As far back as I can remember, I had an appreciation for nature and showed signs of having an aptitude for art. After graduating high school I was accepted into The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), where I first developed my training in fine art. It was there that I was exposed to some of the greatest art in the world on an almost daily basis, and fell in love with the impressionist works of Monet and Van Gogh and the likes, as well as the paintings of more contemporary artists like Georgia O’Keefe and Salvador Dali. To this day I continue to be influenced by the works of these and many other artists. Through the years I have continued my artistic journey by taking various art classes and workshops with artists that I admire. As an artist, one never stops learning and growing.
 I work primarily in the oil medium, which includes oil paint, oil pastel, pigment sticks and oil and cold wax. My paintings are an emotional response to the often quiet and subtle beauty of nature, especially the landscape, and how light can affect it. My style is a balance between Realism and Impressionism. I usually start with a realistic subject, then in the drawing stages I edit and design my composition to the point where I am satisfied, even if it doesn’t end up looking much like my original inspiration. I’m not interested in capturing all of the details, but am intrigued by mystery and simplicity. I tend to work with vibrant colors and soft edges that give my paintings a somewhat dreamlike quality, which have often been described as feeling peaceful [...]

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