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If anyone had told me that, beginning at the innocent age of 66, my “second life” would be as an artist, I would have laughed out loud and said “Yeah sure…let’s have a beer.” Growing up as a military kid in the U.S. Army, I lived in Germany 3½ years (shortly after WWII), Taiwan 1½ years (through 7 typhoons), and South Korea 2 years (through the military overthrow of the civilian government.)  I wouldn’t trade my early life for all the tea in China (as the saying goes.)  It was unique to say the least.  Later, as a husband and dad with my own family I’ve traveled widely here in the U.S., the Caribbean, Asia and Central Europe.  I served 6 years (2 of which were again in Germany) as a U.S. Army Officer and paratrooper; and many years in human resources management with global engineering companies.  By far, though, the best thing I’ve ever done is marry Dianne.  Heck, we got married in August, 1969, and we’re just now getting our engines warmed up.  Our son, Chris, and his family live and work in Australia.  Dianne and I visit as often as possible.  It’s a fascinating place with wonderful people.  Hey…kind of like Texas and us Texans!  We explore our earth as much as we can, and relish every moment.  After all…we’re here only once. 
I got the acting bug in 2010 and decided to give it a serious shot. On-camera and voice-over training from professional actors and coaches came next, and then signing on with a premier Houston talent agency. I’ve got several state and national acting roles to my credit.
I’m a pretty vibrant and upbeat, yet contemplative guy, which invigorates me to create art that is abstract, rich with variety, energetic gestures, lively colors and optimism. My [...]

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