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Robel Afewerki
Robel was born in Asmara, Eritrea where he was raised in a family of creative visionaries and artists. Growing up, he remembers his childhood home resembling an art gallery displaying many mesmerizing Eritrean, African and Western works of art. From an early age, Robel was destined to become an artist; he recalls the encouraging words, “One day you will become a great artist” from family members, friends, and colleagues. He kept these words of encouragement  dear to his heart, and feels that creativity and artistic vision require dedication and patience. He believes that artistic endeavor perused over a long stretch, is a manifestation of creative light that shines from within oneself.
Robel immigrated to the USA in 1981, settling in the Los Angeles area. He grew up in Long Beach, CA and graduated with a BS/MS degree in Civil Engineering from California State University. He has worked as a professional engineer for the City of Los Angeles for about 30 years and continues to work as an engineer/project manager/supervisor at the Port of Los Angeles.
Over the last 30 years, Robel has produced many art pieces as a hobby and now aims to share his art with the world. Utilizing his creative mind, he has managed to harmonize science and art, placing himself in a position to succeed as a professional artist, just as he has done as an engineer.
Robel is pleased to share his pursuit as a professional artist with  the world and is deeply thankful to God, his family, his teachers and his friends for all their encouragement and support.
Robel currently lives in San Pedro, California with his wonderful wife and three kids.
Style of Work
Robel is a mixed media artist and his paintings span from realism to abstract. He works with acrylic, spray paint, and natural elements. He designs geometric [...]

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