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I remember a poet explaining his work, which he described as trying to make the ordinary seem extraordinary. That seems to be my work as well. I try to make an everyday scene unique, catching it in a light that makes the viewer give it more than a glance. I paint light. Early day light, late afternoon light. That’s when landscapes turn magical, when the very air seems to have a color. I try to capture that color and present it to my viewer. I’m 71 now. I pretend that I’m not, but because it’s a fact, I paint every day. Maybe I’m in a hurry, remembering Satchel Paige’s admonition, “Don’t look back, something might be gaining on you.” Not all days at the easel are perfect, but by painting every day the law of averages work in my favor. Some days the brush has a life of its own, right out of the ‘Sorcerer’s Apprentice’. On those days, painting seem effortless. Those are the days I live for, when I’m able to catch that light, and show it to viewers. I’m currently pushing hard in the direction of adding wildlife and horses to my landscapes, as well as human figures. Stay tuned. Thank you for your interest in my art.

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