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I am originally from Louisville, KY, but have been an Oldham County (Kentucky) resident since graduating college and working as an elementary & middle school teacher. Upon retiring after 28 years in the classroom, I began building and selling primitive farmhouse-style furniture. Soon I found myself creating "accent pieces" like carved chickens & old crows; my love of making furniture had evolved into a passion for making art.
For me, the creative process begins as I observe the things around me. I am naturally attracted to items that show their age and have an obvious history. Just like each of us, every object has a story that it can tell. I love to run my hands across raised grain and cracked paint, to strip away the years off an old kitchen table, or inhale the past from an old empty drawer. Whether it is a memory from my past or just the rust on an old found object, it evokes a memory, and a story begins to be visualized. It may be nostalgia, but it has certainly become an inspiration and influence for the artist inside me.
I consider myself a mixed media artist. I work primarily with wood, paper mache, found objects, and acrylic paints; 3-D sculpture, bas reliefs, and assemblages are my primary mediums. Much of my work often gets labeled folk art, because of the more traditional themes that become my subjects , but as my work has continued to evolve, more contemporary themes involving found art, & salvaged art are being incorporated. Because I am untrained, I label myself a contemporary folk artist with "outsider" tendencies.
I am a juried member of the Kentucky Crafted Artist Program. I was formerly a member of the Kentucky Guild of Artists & Craftsman, where I was a featured artist in the Kentucky Guild [...]

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