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Drawing offered a world of escapism and fantasy as a child growing up in Portugal, which later developed in some need to pin things down for myself, to nail down some frame of apprehending. I left school at sixteen and went to art college in Birkenhead and Wallasey, where I was assisted by thoughtful people to take the minimum entrance examinations for future academic progress. Art college was a nice escape which accommodated abstract explorations and private ruminations, and around nine years were spent there on and off at different establishments trying different things, culminating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (painting) in 1992, from the University of Humberside.
Subject matter and approaches have changed along with my life, time spent in the Yorkshire Moors and later in Northumberland brought abstract and figurative landscapes, and an interest sketching nudes and faces remained throughout. Life was focused on family, scraping by, and employment in social care which secured a mortgage, though there was a solo exhibition in Berwick in 1998, and some pieces exhibited around. 
By 2013 she was in school and focus returned to painting. Interest in nudes and portraits has dominated since then, with a little abstract work. I joined the The Guild of Wiltshire Artists in 2016 and began exhibiting regularly.

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