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Color and design has been the emphasis of Rieta’s career as an artist for over 60 years. While studying Illustration in Boston in 1965,  she learned the skills of painting with gouache, an opaque water based paint, and it is still her medium of choice today.
Over the years, Rieta branched out into different mediums before coming back to painting.  For several years she worked in a sail loft sewing sails, and this carried over to making wall hangings and quilts in sewing machine appliqué, where her work is featured in The Book of Quilting. In the early 80's, she went back to school and learned computer skills, with Desktop Publishing as a focus.  Throughout the years, Rieta has designed book covers, numerous invitations, brochures and books. 
During a circumnavigation of the world with her husband on their own boat, Comet, Rieta was inspired by the many flowers on the Pacific islands they visited.  Once she returned home in 2001, she used these flowers, and the Art Nouveau style as reference, and painted them on ceramic tiles.   One of her projects was to paint each letter of the alphabet on a tile using a flower of that letter as the subject.  In 2003, Rieta entered a contest where her design “Lily on a Plate” was selected from over 9,000 entries.  As only one  of the 100 selected the plate design was on exhibition at the Museum of Art & Design, New York, NY.  In November, 2019, Rieta won Honorable Mention for Still Life at the Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Gravers Society of Washington, DC, for her painting, Two Brushes.
Most of Rieta's gouache paintings are done from her own photographs, and although she has painted from life, she finds that spending as much time setting up a still-life and photographing it, is as exciting as the time spent on the [...]

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