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For me, painting is a spiritual experience. We have truly been blessed with an unending array of nature’s beauty. God has put all this beauty here for our enjoyment. The Creator has also gifted certain people with an ability of expressing what they see into an artistic experience. I have received this gift of artistic expression and have chosen oil and canvas as my voice. This is not a gift I take lightly. It is a responsibility and a great privilege to honor God by bringing His creation into focus through art.



Artist’s Statement

"When painting, my objective is to achieve a look that pays homage to the historic Masters that paved the way for future artists. The periods that influence me most are 18th & 19th century Dutch, Barbizon School, Hudson River School, American Impressionist & Tonalists. I try and include elements of each period, as the painting dictates, to create both a technically and aesthetically interesting piece. I tend to paint in a lower value scale as it allows me to be much more dramatic with light. My use of color is limited so as to unify the painting and achieve a more tonal quality.”


Rick was born in 1955 in Edinburgh, Indiana and discovered very early he had an interest in art. After High School, Rick entered the work force, working 29 years in the architectural aluminum industry and pursuing art at a hobby level. Upon retirement in 2003, Rick made fine art his new vocation and sought instruction from Indiana artists Ronald Mack and C.W. Mundy as well as art business workshops with Bill Bush of the Fredericksburg Artists School.As a professional artist, Rick has honed his skills through workshops and many years of practice and has developed into a very collectable artist. Some of Rick’s influences include John Singer Sargent, William Merritt Chase, Granville Redmond, George Aurthur Hays, Luminists Thomas Cole, Frederick Church, Alfred T. Bricher, Asher B. Durand and Albert Bierstadt, Barbizon artists Charles F. Daubigny, Jules Dupre & Theoadore Rousseau. Contemporary influences include C.W. Mundy, Todd Reifers, Scott Christensen and Brent Cotton among many others. He still enters his works in juried competitions and has won numerous awards including “Best of Show”. His works are included in many private and corporate collections across the country. Included among his corporate collectors are…
Congressman Greg Pence [...]

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