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"I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else" -- Pablo Picasso

Rick became fascinated with art in kindergarten.  He discovered how to create colors with finger paints.  It was the beginning of a life-long love of art.  Currently, he spends most of his time painting either out in the open air or in his wonderful studio.  Always looking for unusual subjects and locations is a constant challenge.  Creativity is his passion.
Rick does some digital art but works mostly with oils, using primarily brush and painting knife. He seeks color in the paintings, exploring the relationship between the underlying hues and the form of the subject. Whether working in the studio or en plein air the subjects dictate their treatment.  This means allowing the painting to develop out of the landscape or objects rather than imposing a “style” which molds the subject to conformity. This is evident in the individuality of each piece when finished. It is most noticeable when a large collection is shown even though the series may be of similar subject matter.  There is beauty and ugliness all around us.
Rick's years of painting have been full of schools, workshops, classes and other forms of art education. He was strongly influenced by two fine artists.  George Allen Durkee, author of Expressive Oil Painting (North Light Publishing) has been his mentor.  George's life and his art have been an inspiration.  Rick was also trained by Kristen Olson-Stone, former resident artist at Gumps, San Francisco, and at Tommy Bahama, Newport Beach.   She is a fine and gifted artist.  Art education happens every day from other skilled artists, and the amazing, incredible world.  
AshlandCreekArt began in the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains of Northern California.  Rick created Ashland Creek Artists Retreat on 40 acres of remote and serene forest land.  It was a place to escape everything and just create.  No [...]

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