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Although born in Fort Lee, VA, I got to Texas as soon as possible. I grew up in Corpus Christi, TX through 9th grade, then moved to Portland, TX across the bay where I finished high school at Gregory-Portland High School. Much of my childhood was spent on an Etch-A-Sketch. I loved Marvel superheroes, so I spent most of my time drawing from those comic books. I also drew from the occasional Disney coloring book. My first commissioned art job for Halliburton when I was in junior high. In the years after that job, I spent a lot of time in junior high, high school and college creating acrylic paintings of the oil & gas industry. Thus, I didn’t have to mow lawns during the summer for spending money. LOL
1980 to 2006 - 26 years as a freelance illustrator / graphic designer in Mansfield and Fort Worth
MARCH 2006 - 2021 - 15 years Graphic designer, City of Mansfield, Mansfield, Texas
CURRENTLY - freelance graphic designer, illustrator, fine artist
Layout and design for brochures, logos, newsletters, flyers, invitations, annual reports, pocket folders, t-shirts,and other printed materials. I handle the printing of these publications by working with the printer, uploading electronic files to the printer s FTP site and reviewing all proofs before finally going to print.
Graphic design - Logo/corporate design, Illustration capabilities in several mediums including digital art. Experienced in Mac software programs such as Adobe Creative Cloud software, QuarkXPress
Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas - BFA in Design Communications, Minor in Marketing/Advertising

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