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Since my early teens, I have loved to draw and paint. My first ambition was to be an artist, but the necessities of life and raising a family led me in other directions. When I was diagnosed with MS in 2001 and my health forced me to retire, I had the opportunity to return and follow the "road not taken" by finally pursuing my desire to be an artist. Although I have not had the benefit of a formal education in art, I have actively sought training by taking courses and workshops and by seeking the advice and guidance of many talented and well-known artists. In addition, I have been able to apply to my art the benefits of a lifetime of reading, experience, experimentation, and observation.

All my life I have had a love for the beauty of nature. I have spent countless hours under the open skies and in the fields of Iowa where I grew up and in the marshes and forests and on the beaches of Florida where I have lived for the last forty years. These broad horizons and open vistas are the images that inspire me, and I seek to share that inspiration in my art with realism and passion.



Rick Petersen Jacksonville, Florida
The beauty of nature and God’s creation has inspired me since my youth in the open fields and under the broad skies of my native Iowa. Though I started drawing and painting while still in middle school, the pressures of a family and career made pursuit of my passion for art difficult.  During those years, I read about art, artists, and art techniques constantly.  I drew and painted as time would allow working mostly in watercolor and acrylics because they dried quickly and were easy to clean up and put away.
In 2001, my life changed dramatically when I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  I had to give up my career in computer systems development, and though I faced new issues, I had time to devote to my art.  Before long, I succumbed to the lure of pastels, and I was immediately in love with the dynamic power of the colors of pure pigment and the countless possibilities from working with textured surfaces.  Although I never had the opportunity for a formal art education, I have been able to work with and study from many prominent pastel artists.  As I have grown in my experience with pastels, I have developed a lasting love for the medium, which I hope finds expression in my art.
For my paintings, I am drawn to the beauty and variety of the broad horizons and constantly changing vistas of the beaches and marshes of Northeast Florida.  There is no better place to capture the dramatic movement of the tides, the clouds, and the shadows; the shifting values brought by the changing wind and weather; and the bursts of color that are new hour-by-hour.  My ambition is to communicate the joy and delight I see in God’s creation through my painting and drawing.  I want each [...]

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