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Welcome to my Dad's website - I'm honored to continue his passion through offering his art to you.  We are so proud of the legacy Dad left, which has been a source of joy and inspiration in our lives.  We have taken the time and effort to scan each original piece and are excited to offer high quality giclee prints on many kinds of substrates.  As of now, we aren't offering the originals for sale, but will plan to open up to that when we are ready.  Please enjoy his pieces and feel free to contact me for any help you might need in design consultation or ordering help. 
The following is the biography that Dad wrote a few years ago:
Although interested in Art at a young age, I didn't pursue art as a hobby or as a career. Like many, after retirement, art became a passion and I have dedicated my efforts to learning all possible by taking workshops, classes, reading and painting. Pastels were my first endeavor then watercolor and acrylic. Now I have reached a point that I am open to more experimentation and have tried many forms of painting. However, watercolor and acrylic is where I am now. I have an adequate art studio, where I do most of my paintings. I have studied with several artists and plan to devote much of my time and energy to study and experimentation, while looking forward to every minute. To quote Charles du Bois, "The important thing is to be, at any moment, able to sacrifice what we are for what we could become."

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