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During my career as a scientist, I decided in 2013 that I wanted to understand the process and nature of artistic creativity.  I have studied the process and story of the evolution of life at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History (1982-88) and the Denver Museum of Nature & Science (1989-2014) as a curator.  And I had studied all fields of Anthropology at the University of Colorado during my undergraduate and graduate studies. I wanted to explore how an artist evolves and how art has evolved. And I wanted to know how art and symbolic expression have changed over time through cognitive innovation, thus advancing the comprehension of the nature of our world. When and how did humans invent Art?  When and how did humans invent Symbols?  Were Art and Symbols one and the same?  When did they evolve into separate entities?  These were the kind of questions that I wanted to understand as a natural outgrowth of my scientific interests in evolution.  The path I chose for understanding was to become an artist with a "creatist style." 
My art explores how science and its principles can be translated within the medium of painting and sketching.  Art is a language that has only begun to be explored as a medium to understand our world.  It is open to everyone, which means that a piece of art can be interpreted through one's own eyes regardless of education or age or any other criterion.  Colors and shapes work together to make new interpretations of beauty and pain, depression and love.  It is through art that I have rediscovered the relation between flow and passion and the joy that comes from discovering a new facet of how our world has evolved and is put together.  The images on a canvas all have meaning and a [...]

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