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This is my confession and belief.  This is not a religion for me.  This is life to me.
The first part of the Psalm reads, For with thee is the fountain of life...
I desire to share this "fountain of life" with all that I encounter here.  I have been blessed to develop a relationship with my Father God and have enjoyed my time here with my beautiful family knowing that it is a but a brief time.  My paintings may last here longer than I and they are a testimony to my striving to not only see light and communicate my joy of the visual delight of life, but a glimpse of the joy and anticipation I feel when I see all the wonder and goodness that our Father has surrounded us with.
I am thankful to all who also enjoy these works.  I wish even more that you enjoy life, and get to know our Father more.  That His word to you is the most precious thing you delight in.  That the light of His word, also allows you to see Him, who is light.

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