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Originally from Pennsylvania, I now have lived in Minnesota for over 35 years. I paint from my studio, located in the heart of historic Chaska.  Married now over 40 glorious years, I have been blessed with two children and now a grandchild. To me, it is my fellowship with my God and Father and then my family that I deem as the most important and relevant to mention first as part of my bio. It is this that defines me more than my artwork, education, and awards. Almost all artists’ strive to portray “light” and reference it in their bio’s. I believe true “light” is not seen with the eye, but with the spirit inside, Psalm 36:9. I am a graduate of Kutztown University, located in Pennsylvania, with a B.S. in Art Education. I’ve taught art in the Twin Cities area for over 30 years. The tools of my trade in art were primarily learned at the Atelier LeSueur. The French word “atelier”, means workshop and speaks of a program of developing an artistic ability, to paint representationally and accurately,  exactly what you see with your eyes. The full time four year program is derived from the French Art Academies of the 19th Century. I also had the distinct privilege of a 5th year of study, along with 2 other artist’s, to study with Mr. Richard Lack personally, an acknowledged master of Classical technique. Now, over 30 years removed since my formal education, I’ve matured to paint not only from what I see before me, but also from those places deep in my heart, believing to give form to those truths that lie beyond the seen. I work in oil paint, watercolor, and some acrylics, enjoying the unique nature of each medium.

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