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     I have been VERY blessed to be surrounded by such beauty in my life.  To be honest, as a native New Yorker, most of my life I moved too quickly to see it and so much of it just passed me by...unseen...unconnected.
     Moving to the Pacific Northwest in 2004 changed all of that.  I took a 40 day roadtrip across the country and got to really SEE this country's beauty for the first time.  And with that, my photographic passion was born.
     That passion fully ignited when I moved to Vashon Island with a spectacular view of Mt. Rainier.  Most of the Holy Moly Mountain Moments collection came from this view.  The incredible richness of colors, moods and expressions that the mountain has gifted me with is awe-inspiring.  These photos touch my heart in a very deep place and my prayer is that it will touch you in the same way too.
     In 2011-2012 I traveled around the world for 8 months (Holy Moly Global Moments).  This presented me with a plethora of new sights and views and helped me to develop an eye that sees the world as a profound dance of light, color and shadow.
     My photography has now evolved into an intense love and joy with the small things in life, usually referred to as the "macro world".  Our world is a collection of light, shadow & color and it is dancing for us ALWAYS!!!  I'm always on the lookout for unique dances that draw me in, begging me to photograph it. I've presented these photos in my latest collection, Portals Of Spirit.  When I sit with these photos, they open me up in some way, allowing me to FEEL & SEE more.  They give me access to the unseen world, perhaps [...]

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