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Richard H. Fitzhugh
DC / 1944
The bottom line is my career has been architecture and fine art.  I started with architecture, but then I got even more interested in architectural renderings and fine art.  Arts and sports have always been the two favorites through my life, so I hope to pursue both for the rest of my life. 
My first phase of art, starting when I was a kid, was drawing with pencils, ink, and charcoals.  In my last year in college, I also started doing sculpture in an art class, and really liked that also.
After college I started with architecture, but in 1974, I was living in a van (I had renovated that van so I could live in it) to do something different, going to Maine for getting ready to make furniture.  But I ended up living in the van for a year and a half, since I unexpectedly started selling my drawings.  I was first up in Gloucester, MA, and when I would draw out on the coast, I was surprised that folks who saw me drawing asked if they could buy them.  I also got into a gallery in Cambridge, MA, my first time in a gallery.  I then drove down to Florida and found arts and crafts shows where I also sold well.
When I got back to the DC area, I got back to architecture, but a few years later I decided I wanted to go back to art, but then as a painter.  When I did get to painting in 1984, my favorite medium became watercolor, and still is to this day.  I also do a lot of sketching just for fun, not for selling, and also do sculpture sometimes for our home.
I started doing watercolor paintings when I moved to West Virginia, and ended [...]

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