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My Artist Biography                                 March 10, 2021
I am Richard Barker. I have been painting with oils and acrylics for 20 years.
I graduated from college at UNH with a degree in mechanical engineering and a minor in art appreciation. I worked for General Electric as a tool and die maker, a machine designer, and held numerous managerial positions for over 40 years.
In our travels I frequently spent time in Art Museums and always knew that I wanted to learn to be a painter. I am mostly self taught. I have taken classes at the Manatee Art Center and have painted with several area artists. I paint just to “learn to paint”….to see not just the details in front of me but what is significant enough to paint. I paint for the joy of painting…..and at times it all comes together and I feel the true joy of painting. It is much like the special peace joggers feel while running at their competitive best. It is not world class, but knowing that today we are reaching for new expressions….trying to paint a scene even better than a camera or our eyes actually see it.
My wife Julia and I live on the Maine coast in Cape Elizabeth during the summer. I have cleared some land and built my Art Studio next to our cottage overlooking the Portand Light House. This, along with our home in Sarasota is where I continue to feel the passion to learn to paint better.
As an amateur painter, I paint for private collections and my own enjoyment.
This past year when we were all locked down during the Covid Pandemic I found mysef reminiscing about our wonderful [...]

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