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Twas a bleak Friday the thirteenth when I was born, the last of six children to a poor farmer: one more mouth to feed. I couldn’t fritter away my days being a burden to those I loved.  I was determined to prove my worth.  By the time I was four I was walking a country mile with my faithful dog, Pat, to the pasture each day, to bring the cows back to be milked.  I have had a strong work ethic ever since.I spent most of my adult life teaching primary age children with my heart full of compassion and my head full of enthusiasm.  My lessons had to make their eyes sparkle and their wee bottoms wiggle in anticipation of getting at it. My goal was to ensure that every child was grounded in a love for learning that would go with them the rest of their days.As I have grown older my determination, my love for all that’s good, and my thirst for learning have served me well as I have embarked on my career as an artist.  I am attracted to the simple pleasures of life;  a mother’s love, a child’s trust, a quiet place.   My prayer is that my paintings make your eyes sparkle just like my lessons used to make my student's eyes sparkle and I hope my art makes you feel that life is good, wholesome and full of hope and inspiration.I will always feel rich as long as I can keep learning, growing and stretching myself to be more than I was yesterday.  Every day I observe, I read about art techniques, I learn from other artists and I paint taking risks in my work.  My life will be fulfilled as long as I have an outlet for my imagination, keep growing and bring [...]

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