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"My art is like life … richly textured and deeply layered."


Painter Rhonda Schoolfield lives and works in coastal North Carolina. Her studio is surrounded by saltwater, where the myriad colors and forms of nature provide unending inspiration for her abstract paintings.  The process of painting in broad gestures with unconventional tools gives her work its sense of intense energy. How one motion affects the next is a continuing source of fascination, often providing unexpected revelations. The artist finds form and movement to express what cannot be described, but only felt. Rhonda believes abstract art encourages the imagination to run free. Much more content is possible when the subject is not definitive. The work becomes multi-dimensional and invites viewers to evoke their own personal experiences and emotions.
"My paintings reflect my faith in imagination and intuition, and a passion for communicating the profound beauty of our world and the human experience.  I'm drawn to the mystery of abstraction, the need to look closely, to wonder and think about what may be happening.  My goal as an artist is to create deep luscious visual space, richly textured with many layers … just like life.”

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