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As a clumsy, hypersensitive preschooler, I was a magnet for daily ridicule, until I drew a picture of a house. I continued to draw during class because it helped me listen to the teachers and remember what they said. Since our parents were bookworms with no social life, there was plenty of time to draw and paint.
Seeing the Organ Mountains from our front yard is one of my earliest childhood memories. During grade school, our parents would take my sister and I hiking at Aguirre Springs. Then one sunny morning, I saw the Organ Mountains from the East side of my junior high school. I realized that all those valleys and canyons held beautiful secret places, and that I would be glad to spend my life exploring them.
I created graphics for a television station, earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing from New Mexico State University in 1984, drafted archeological maps and profiles, and illustrated antique bottles, ceramics, pottery and arrowheads. Then we moved to Albuquerque, where I painted murals and stage backdrops, while homeschooling our children, along with painting the Sandia mountains, florals, and the occasional portrait. I began plein air painting in 2010, after my husband and I moved back to Las Cruces.
Overall Vision
Life seems to be an overwhelming tangle of confusing problems. Each problem is another nest of problems, each filled with a blizzard of chaotic details. Yet Faith and Science show me that the universe has an overall, organized structure that extends from the stars revolving in their galaxies, through the living cells that pulse with life in all its variety, all the way down to the structures of the individual atoms. 
I love to be outside, driving down the highway passing mountains, farms and cities. I love to hike in the mountains. Even when I [...]

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