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Renzo Flórez began drawing at approximately the age of 5. His first exposure to drawing was when he saw his older brother sketching a 2-dimensional face of a punk-rock band singer. He tried drawing along with him and it felt like a fascinating thing to do; it was fun and drawings came out good. Family and friends told him he was good, but apparently adults tell all kids the same line. Drawing was easy and challenging at the same time; it was an adventure. His love and devotion for art got a start right at that precise day and with that 2 dimensional drawing.
During school he achieved excellent grades in art classes and he was selected to attend many inter-school competitions and knew that drawing and painting-without a discussion- was what he was supposed to do in his adult life. Renzo's skills were getting better every time but when he was about to graduate high school, close and external factors forced him to re-evaluate his art career. Unfortunately, art was relegated to just a "hobby" type of thing.
Fortunately, drawing and painting, never stopped.
As years went by, people who care about him convinced him that art was not profitable. But more than convinced he felt that he had no other choice. Sometimes you just want to pursue your dream regardless, but circumstances, times, and reality makes you think otherwise. So he took and passed the law school admission test available at the moment,  and next thing you know, he became a law school student. More time passed by, he changed careers once again, jobs, places of residence, and ended up getting a random degree in the public health. Mr. Flórez had infinite types of jobs and occupations but nothing close to his real passion; his duty now is to create art and [...]

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