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Renée LaVerné Rose
Renée LaVerné Rose is a visual artist who is originally from the Chicago and currently resides in Glencoe, Illinois.  Renée LaVerné describes herself as a renaissance woman from being exposed by her parents to continual intellectually stimulation, traveling internationally to experience cultural diversity, enjoying all visual and performing arts, and encouraging herself to become fully engaged in the world around her.
Ms. Rose has been fortunate to have had a successful career in Government Relations, Public Policy and Government Administration.  To have balance in her life, she enrolled in an oil painting workshop thinking this was only for relaxation.  Renée LaVerné always saw herself in relation to the arts as the observer not the performer. Yet viola! Her life has been positively redefined through visuals arts and she has found more inner peace, tranquility and great clarity. 
With her new found love as a visual artist, she was determined to combine the world of politics and art together. Renée LaVerné strongly believes that these supposedly diametrically opposed worlds have more similarities than people would like to think. Nothing can get people more passionate or provoke strong emotional reactions than a controversial political topic. In the same way, an artist will push societal limits to address an issue that he/she passionately believes must be publicly explored, causing the same visceral reaction as a heated political debate. The political world and the art world can both act as a catalyst to building bridges between dividing issues that isolate people and lessen their humanity. Both disciplines influence the way people view themselves and the culture that surrounds them and they shape the world we live in – sometimes positively, other times negatively.
At this stage in her life success is traveling her journey as an artist with integrity, trust, and love. Renée LaVerné goes forth

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