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The Artist Says:

I absolutely love to paint!

Collectors Say:

I love the way Susan Renee Lammers leaves some specks of Copper shining through!  They glow and sparkle!  I have never seen anything like this!

Other Artists Say:

 Renee Lammers is the cleanest plein aire artist I have ever met!


     A simple vacation can change a person's life.  That is exactly what happened to me.  I had been living in  Florida for most of my life.  I had graduated from Stetson University after studying Fine Art and Premed Biology in 2004.  I had owned a flower business for 23 years.  I had always called myself a painter since I was four.  One day I decided to go to Monhegan Island, Maine for a ten day vacation!
           The trip to Monhegan Island from Florida took more than twelve hours.  This trip consisted of:  three planes, a very quick taxi ride, and an hour ferry trip! It took 15 hours of traveling for me to arrive on Monhegan Island.   I loved Monhegan Island!  For ten days I painted plein aire (outdoors) each day!       I was amazed by the people on Monhegan Island.  They respected and appreciated art!   Plein aire painters  were everywhere painting on Monhegan Island.    Art collectors were eager to sit with an artist at the family style dinner each night.  I loved being in a positive environment where art was being created!      I went back to Florida after my vacation.              I continued to paint palm trees with alligators sunning themselves near by.  Once  a mother alligator hissed at me!  This scared me so badly I ran all the way back to my car leaving my painting equipment behind.    I was always nervous painting in Florida.  Sometimes a redneck would drive by very fast with a loud smokey engine yelling out of their window strange comments.   A few times rabid racoons chased me.  Copperhead snakes or even rattlesnakes seemed to always be lurking nearby!  Not to mention the wild boars often seen running through the woods.   Scorching heat left me with heat stroke twice.  I often forgot to drink enough water in the 100 degree heat.  Plein aire painting had lots [...]

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