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“Get married, have children, and then you can be an artist!” my Brooklyn parents shouted at me when I was sixteen years old.But I was obsessed with becoming an artist, and set off to study fashion illustration at the Phoenix School of Design to support myself. I moved to the Village, rented a loft on 17th Street for ten dollars a month, and won a scholarship at the New York School of Painting and Sculpture.And so began a lifetime of rebellion and the joy and agony of being a painter!In my second loft, on 14th Street, I met Allan Kaprow, the inventor of Happenings, who also had a studio there. He took me to all of the current gallery openings and introduced me to many of his friends.  When my sister, Anita , opened the Reuben Gallery in the East Village, Allan and many of these artists showed their work at the Gallery.My work developed so that forms and figures were extending beyond the picture frame. I called these new works “Extension paintings,” and they were exhibited at the Reuben, at the Martha Jackson Gallery show called New Forms, New Media, and at the Guggenheim Museum.I went on to win new scholarships at art schools, married, had two children, and have never stopped painting. My devotion to being an artist, to stepping into the unknown and exploring new ideas, is all about work, relentless work, which never ceases to excite me.Born in Brooklyn, Rubin has resided in New York City all of her life. Her mentors include Holbein, Dürer, Ingres, the Spanish still-life painters, Georges de La Tour, and Picasso, to name a few.

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