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Like most people, I have struggled with following my creative heart! But first, I need to go to college. But first, I need to have a career. But first, I need to get married, build a house, have children, raise them, send them to college, prepare for retirement.....yikes! Have you ever felt that way and wake up 30, 40 years later and say, "I really wanted to accomplish this goal or desire I've had all my life, what happened?" This struggle keeps us from what we truly long to do, in my case, become the artist my inner voice tells me I really was intended to be. 
Where to start? Do you want to know the secret? You are in charge. That's it, you are in charge of you, your priorities, actions, or non actions. Do you have goals? Do you have dreams? I did, and two years ago, I decided it was never too late to learn and I picked up a paint brush and walked into my dream of becoming an artist at 53 years old. In doing so, I have enriched my life and found new purpose that fulfills me everyday. I can't wait to share my successes and struggles and hilarious experiences I have encountered in this adventure.  I hope to inspire you and a community of likeminded dreamers and doers to create and collect art and above all else, follow your heart!

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