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Native of Japan, I have lived most of my adult life in Kyoto, a center of traditional Art. That means also a center of Kimono fabrication.  I have studied mineral pigment painting and fabric dyeing earnestly.  Years I took classes and private lessons,  wanting to earn good capability in wide range of techniques, methods and dyes from renowned, skilled masters. Kyoto was my dream land, there are  bottomless resource and great masters to learn. Since my first one woman textile show in Kyoto, I  find myself still working and studying more than 40 years.
Not satisfied tendency of pursuing perfection in every process, I was searching for less Tradition-bound and more "my own".   Fortunately, I had the opportunity to enter the master of fine arts program at the University of Southern Illinois and explore fresh ideas while continuing Basic study. Painting and dyeing textile techniques are very essential elements of Art of dyeing.
ABOUT my scarves:
The stretched white silk becomes my canvas on which to paint a scarf. I begin with dye -- and a fresh mind -- for creating new imagery.  Thus my journey and communication with colors begins.  
My inspirations come from nature. Over the years I have studied and practiced as many forms of textile painting and dying as possible.  This accumulation of techniques inspires my creative process today.
Each scarf is a new, exciting creative adventure for me. My wish is that you will enjoy yours -- as an abstract painting, as wearable art, or as fabric jewelry.

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