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As an artist, I think we need to paint what we love – that should be our primary objective and our reason for being an artist. I love to paint nature and skies and work to capture the light and essence that makes them come alive. As an art collector, I appreciate others' creativity and believe that Art is best when it draws you in and complements your life. Ask yourself, will you still enjoy looking at this piece ten years from now? The art you choose should be what you need - uplifting, calming, challenging, energizing or humorous... your needs and appreciation are as unique and individual as the art you choose.  Don't listen to anyone else - find what strikes the chord within you. It is my hope to add a moment of peace, a feeling of beauty, to another's life through my art.


"Regina Burchett has a gift for seeing the world around her - whether it be city, country or sky - and magnificently recreating the beauty she sees."      Informed Collector    September 18, 2014

Growing up as the daughter of an artist / writer mother and a career Air Force officer, I lived in many states, then spent my adult life in Texas and North Carolina. I graduated from Michigan State University, studying textiles and art, and create art primarily in pastels, oils and charcoal. Over the years, I have studied drawing, painting, calligraphy, stone sculpture, weaving, computer art and animation, and website design. 

During the last twenty years, I have focused on painting skies and landscapes, feeling that the beauty of nature brings a sense of peace and calm to an increasingly chaotic world. 
While I paint, I listen to music that gives me joy, a feeling that all is right with the world, and I endeavor to instill that same feeling in my paintings. I want to lift up those who bring my art into their homes or workplace and hope to also give them artwork that invites continued interest over many years.
I was a panelist for the ASC Regional Artist Project Grants in October 2018, and Judge for the 2018 Ellen Cook Gaskin Memorial Art Show in Albemarle NC. My work was included in the Winter Show at Greenhill in Greensboro for 2017-2018, I was a finalist in The Artist's Magazine's 29th Annual Art Competition and was recently the featured artist in the Informed Collector Daily Brief. I won the 2nd place award in the 2015 North Ridge Art Gala in Raleigh, and was invited to participate in the 2015 Carolina’s Got Art Exhibit at the Elder Gallery in Charlotte, a Five Woman show with Crown Artists at the Cornwell Center in [...]

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