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Regan Santry was born in 1950 and raised on Long Island, New York. Growing up near the Atlantic Ocean and 50 miles from New York City provided many opportunities for him to develop both his artistic talents and a deep appreciation for the sea.

His artistic professions include animation, mural art, silk screening, custom automotive painting and art direction, working for over 35 years as a storyboard artist, illustrator, cartoonist, layout artist and creative director for many national and international clients. Throughout his career, besides hand rendering award winning commercial art, he also perfected his skills in digital graphics.

-Aside from his indoor art career, he would often break away to pursue working on the water as a way to balance his life. -“I love to draw but the Ocean is my church.” is his short reply as to why he did this. Sometimes, he would work in advertising and other times he would work as a bayman, clam digger, or go deep sea fishing as a mate or guide. At one point in his life, he was a first mate and Captain for the Long Island Oyster Farm.

He balanced his two lives between the waters and the arts, until he conceived of the process that he named “Textureprinting”.    
Based on the ancient art of Gyotaku, Textureprinting is a fish imprinting technique that allows an artist to render a species with much more detail and accuracy than the traditional approach. Better still, aside from having complete digital command of the coloring, the artist can also approach larger and more contoured marine animals, with a minimal impact on population levels.

Specifically because of this ecological benefit, Regan utilizes only one fish per species in his entire, lifetime archive. 

Textureprinting was actually created back in 2002, when he journeyed to Flamingo Bay, Costa [...]

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