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Raised on the Monterey Peninsula of California's Central Coast, Rebekah Sisk is an artist who has a passion for wildlife paintings, portraits and impressionist landscapes.The main body of her work is in oil and pastel.  She has exhibited at the Monterey Museum of Art, the Pacific Art League, the Santa Cruz Art League, the Davenport Art Gallery, the New Mexico Art League and the Pacific Grove Art Center."Sasquatch: The Encounter", was featured on the CBS Sunday Morning News. Sisk's work has been featured in various articles, the most recent being the Bigfoot Field Reporter and collected by such celebrities as Mark Ordesky, executive producer of "The Lord of the Rings" feature film.  Her illustrations have also been featured in Dr. Karl Shuker's books."Bonobo", won the December 2012 FASO Bold Brush competition for "Outstanding Pastel" and "Honorable Mention" at the Pacific Art League. Sisk's work was featured in the online E-zine, "Informed Collector" in February of 2013. http://canvoo.com/artists/Rebekah-Sisk
StudiedKevin Courter; 2019
Shanna Kunz; 2015
Thomas Flaherty: 2015
Warren Chang; Pacific Grove, CA; 2013Joan Hellenthal; Santa Cruz, CA; 2011-2012
Leslie Saeta; Pasadena, CA; 2012Jane Flury; Pacific Grove, CA; 2009-2010
Mark Farina; Carmel, CA; 2000-2001

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