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"During a fulfilling career as an elementary teacher, where I witness the joy every fall of new supplies, new discoveries, and new creations, I not only want the supplies back, but also desire the wonder of creating something unique and expressive of my perceptions of the world.  So I get the supplies, carve out the time, invest in training, travel and take walks, observe, journal, and recapture that childhood sense of wonder as I call myself an artist.  God has designed me and everyone with the capacity to reflect His creative nature in our own unique way.  I hope to continue to discover ways to express and share that creative nature.  May you enjoy the paintings and the stories behind each, and be blessed by the stories and emotions the paintings evoke in your own heart."  -Rebecca
Rebecca is a fine artist, using watercolors as her primary medium, while incorporating other mediums at times.  She is also a children's book author and illustrator, stealing inspiration and soliciting feedback from the honest and delightful reactions of her students.  Recently opening a home studio/gallery in her Tennessee farm home, she has the full support of both her hubby and puppy.  Unique displays of her art and the artwork of other local artists fill her studio, but she leaves plenty of space for private lessons, small classes, and social/musical events.  Commissions are available.

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