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Rebecca Shelby has been working in clay and sculpting with it most of her life. Her undergraduate degree is in dance, but when she wasn’t in the dance studio she was in the ceramic studio at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She was trained by Setsuya Kotani, a wonderful Japanese ceramic artist. For a time, she explored other mediums, primarily bronze and concrete, while pursuing her MFA at UNCG. Eventually she returned to her first love, clay, and began working in community pottery studios. A couple of years ago she was able to convert a run down workshop into a first rate ceramics studio at her home. Her work focuses on vessels, as functional forms and as sculpture. The work explores plant forms, sometimes from the sea and sometimes from her garden. As the seasons change, so too do the glaze colors and the plant forms. Her functional pottery is embellished with three dimensional appliqués of leaves, flowers and abstract shapes. These shapes are then glazed with a color palette of the season, creating bold pops of color on the reliefs on the forms. The sculptures are born as a vessel, but stand large and graceful as uplifted abstract flowing shapes. They are embellished with plant forms, textures or patterns. The glazes are layered and run in rivulets of color. The sculptures celebrate form in space. 

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