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"I love painting atmosphere, and I love using color to convey emotion.  I try to paint soul and light into every one of my paintings, to connect with the viewer in a positive way."    - Rebecca Pashia
Rebecca is a self-taught painter who has represented her own work in the Kansas City area since the 1990s.  Her "atmospheric" technique, using large knives and brushes, is popular with both collectors and students.  She has sold paintings to businesses, residential clients, designers, etc. and enjoys commission work.  She has an Interior Design degree from Kansas State University, but chose to focus on painting since the age of 21.  She has sold over 1400 paintings to date, and feels she is still growing as an artist with many masterpieces yet to create.In addition to her artwork, Rebecca Pashia is the owner of ARTichokes, an innovative art business that engages the public in the creative process through corporate team-building, group painting parties, and private classes.  She is proud to participate in the Celebration of Fine Art show in Scottsdale, Arizona every winter.
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