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It was a thing that grabbed onto her and stuck in her mind. She would always spend a good long time looking at that peaceful summer landscape picture whenever she went to her grandma's house.  It became part of Rebecca's story - a piece of her art life's template if you will.
After all these years, she still remembers imagining herself inside the colorful framed print and walking along the stream that ran diagonally across the lower portion. Trees lined both banks and distant lush green pasture land glowed under the warm sunshine. Inspired from that point on, she wanted to create images of her own! Her lively compositions of figures, landscapes, still life's and abstracts come from her vivid imagination but most from real life.
Eventually earning a BFA, she never stopped creating and experimenting with various art mediums and made a significant decision about 20 years ago to concentrate on oil painting proficiency. Rebecca has exhibited in local and national juried shows, receiving many top awards and is published in Painting Indiana III: Heritage of Place. She has taught many classes in drawing, oil, and watercolor over the years and served as a juror for local art exhibitions as well as a consultant. Many private, public, and corporate collections include her paintings.
Rebecca and her husband now live in Auburn, Indiana, where she has a public gallery and studio space. She enjoys meeting the public, selling her oil paintings and hearing the positive comments visitors and collectors speak about her use of color and brushstrokes. A common theme that viewers often mention is the feeling of peace which is a mighty reward for the artist!
Rebecca Justice-Schaab was born in Atlanta, Georgia, grew up in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Collecting insightful impressions is still a part of the journey. Sometimes, if not all of [...]

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