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Rebecca Johnston (b. 1991) was born and raised in Northern Utah. She is primarily a figurative artist with experience in drawing and oil painting. She has been drawing for as long as she can remember. She was blessed with a supportive family who encouraged her in her artistic endeavors. It wasn’t until she attended Brigham Young University Idaho, however, that she first started to learn to paint with oils. There, she studied art with teachers such as Leon Parson, Albin Veselka, Josh Clare, and others. She is very thankful for the knowledge and time they have been willing to give as she has sought to develop her artistic skills.Rebecca graduated Brigham Young University-Idaho in December, 2013 with a Bachelor of Art degree in integrated studio art. Since then, she has continued to pursue drawing and oil painting. She has also been blessed with a wonderful family of her own. Her husband and children are very supportive.Rebecca is greatly inspired by the gospel of Jesus Christ, her family and friends, and the seemingly small moments of daily gospel living, both within her own family and those she has observed among others. Elder Neal A. Maxwell stated that “Moments are the molecules that make up eternity!” It brings Rebecca joy to see evidences of gospel truths. She hopes to portray the wonder of such moments and gospel doctrines in her artwork. She is also inspired by other artists such as Albin Veselka, Mike Malm, Brian Astle, Minerva Teichert, Carolyn Anderson, and John Singer Sargent.Rebecca currently lives with her family in Layton, Utah.
2020-“Petite Impressions,” Eccles Art Center, Ogden, Utah
2020-Alliance of Covenant Artists, “Faithful Saints” Online Gallery
        *Award of Excellence
Alliance of Covenant Artists
Citation:Maxwell, N. A. (2000, November). The Tugs and Pulls of the World. Ensign, 30(11). doi: Churchofjesuschrist.org

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